Eddie Woodin

Welcome to our website

Greetings to you, and I want to personally welcome you to our Website.

I am a Spiritually based Man, and began the Company 22 Years ago. I have always stated, “I manage the Company, and GOD OWNS IT.” I was inspired to begin the Company, once I was given the Green Light. With Cash and Credit cards, the Company began, and it has continued to grow Successfully ever since.Eddie Woodin MaineGoodwill within Partnerships is the Key to mutual Success.

Our Philosophy is that of working Hard for our Clients, and always maintaining a “Can do Attitude.” Customer Service and On-time Deliveries are the Focus. And we work overtime to achieve that. We Respect and Honor our Clients, and constantly strive towards serving their needs.

And we are ever appreciative of our Successes, and mindful of Giving back to Those in Need. We have Donated over $1.5 Million dollars to Churches, Immigrants, Community people in need, Environmental Groups, Green efforts, Overseas Spiritual Pioneers, and many others. Our Philosophy is: “ We can have Faith, but if we don’t turn it into Deeds of helping others, then it is Useless.”

We are looking to Add 2 Clients to our Partnership base in 2014. We are expanding The Company, and I am Committing $2 Million in personal Funding to achieve this Goal. If you are inspired or interested, kindly reach out to me directly, as I would welcome the Opportunity of speaking with you. My Sincere Best wishes to you for Personal Prosperity in 2014. Thank You.

Very Sincerely,

Eddie Woodin
280 Gannett Drive
South Portland, ME 04106
(207) 775-2437