About us

We are a Company providing “Complete Store Design and Fixture Manufacturing Services and Resources.”  The Company is 22 Years Old, and located in South Portland, Maine. The Key 5 Employees have worked an average of 17 years for the Company. The Employees are young and very Computer/Design savvy, which allows us to offer Manufacturing/Design Services.

buildingWe have Significant Manufacturing Partners in the Gondola Steel, Millwork, and Accessory Areas.  The Quality of Products is Above Average, and the Shipping Lead times are considered Fast.  The Inventories of Basic Products are in the Millions of Dollars, and the Geographic locations are throughout the East, South, and Mid United States.

We offer both Standard, and Custom designed Products. We are happy to Partner with Customers, and provide specialty Fixtures with a variety of Finishes.

We have shipping Relationships with many Carriers. We are currently focused on delivering Full or Partial 53’ Trailer loads, using Independent Trucking Partners. We also use UPS, FED-EX, and YRC for lightweight, and heavy weight Loads. All shipments are fully Traceable, and time sensitive.

We are very Customer Service oriented, and available 7 Days a week. We have staggered Office hours, so can provide phone coverage from 9 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday. And we frequently check our emails afterhours. We have a Quality Customer Base, and Longevity in our Relationships.

We would welcome the Opportunity of discussing Opportunities of working with you.

Thank you.